Welcome to the Cutest Golden Contest!

***One of our favorite fundraisers***

It's easy to vote for your favorite dogs! Just click the "VOTE NOW" button below. Each vote costs $1. As you scroll down, you'll see all the dogs in the contest. Enter as many votes as you like for your favorite dog.

You can continue voting for as many dogs as you like! Just click on the "Continue Voting tab. When you are done, proceed to checkout. 

Remember, all voting tallies return to zero at 8 pm Sunday evenings during the contest. This means that all dogs remaining in the contest (which will be all but the dog receiving the fewest votes), start the next week with a blank slate. The previous votes received do NOT count towards the total votes in the coming weeks. The winners are determined by the total votes received by the dogs remaining in the final week, not by the total votes received overall.

Click here to view the current tally sheet and the Cutest Golden Contest FAQ.